Feast API



Features names and entity names cannot overlap in feature set specifications

Features and entities become columns in historical stores which may cause conflicts

The following field names are reserved in feature sets and FeatureRow messages

  • event_timestamp

  • datetime

  • created_timestamp

  • ingestion_id

  • job_id

These key words are used for column names when persisting metadata in historical stores




Once data has been ingested into Feast, there is currently no way to delete the data without manually going to the database and deleting it. However, during retrieval only the latest rows will be returned for a specific key (event_timestamp, entity) based on its created_timestamp.

This functionality simply doesn't exist yet as a Feast API

During the ingestion of data into BigQuery, event_timestamp is rounded down to seconds. E.g., 2020-08-21T08:40:19.906 -> 2020-08-21T08:40:19.000

This ensures that floating point rounding errors do not occur during the retrieval of feature data, since this step requires time based joins