Hazelcast (contrib)


Hazelcast online store is in alpha development.

The Hazelcast online store provides support for materializing feature values into a Hazelcast cluster for serving online features in real-time. In order to use Hazelcast as online store, you need to have a running Hazelcast cluster. You can create a cluster using Hazelcast Viridian Serverless. See this getting started page for more details.

  • Each feature view is mapped one-to-one to a specific Hazelcast IMap

  • This implementation inherits all strengths of Hazelcast such as high availability, fault-tolerance, and data distribution.

  • Secure TSL/SSL connection is supported by Hazelcast online store.

  • You can set TTL (Time-To-Live) setting for your features in Hazelcast cluster.

Each feature view corresponds to an IMap in Hazelcast cluster and the entries in that IMap corresponds to features of entities. Each feature value stored separately and can be retrieved individually.

Getting started

In order to use Hazelcast online store, you'll need to run pip install 'feast[hazelcast]'. You can then get started with the command feast init REPO_NAME -t hazelcast.



```yaml project: my_feature_repo registry: data/registry.db provider: local online_store: type: hazelcast cluster_name: dev cluster_members: ["localhost:5701"] key_ttl_seconds: 36000 ```

Functionality Matrix

To compare this set of functionality against other online stores, please see the full functionality matrix.