The Snowflake offline store provides support for reading SnowflakeSources.

  • Snowflake tables and views are allowed as sources.

  • All joins happen within Snowflake.

  • Entity dataframes can be provided as a SQL query or can be provided as a Pandas dataframe. Pandas dataframes will be uploaded to Snowflake in order to complete join operations.

  • A SnowflakeRetrievalJob is returned when calling get_historical_features().

    • This allows you to call

      • to_snowflake to save the dataset into Snowflake

      • to_sql to get the SQL query that would execute on to_df

      • to_arrow_chunks to get the result in batches (Snowflake python connector docs)


project: my_feature_repo
registry: data/registry.db
provider: local
  type: snowflake.offline
  user: user_login
  password: user_password
  role: sysadmin
  warehouse: demo_wh
  database: FEAST

Configuration options are available in SnowflakeOfflineStoreConfig.

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