Development guide


This guide is targeted at developers looking to contribute to Feast:

Learn How the Feast Contributing Process works.

Project Structure

Feast is composed of multiple components distributed into multiple repositories:




Hosts all required code to run Feast. This includes the Feast Python SDK and Protobuf definitions. For legacy reasons this repository still contains Terraform config and a Go Client for Feast.

  • Python SDK / CLI

  • Protobuf APIs

  • Documentation

  • Go Client

  • Terraform

Java-specific Feast components. Includes the Feast Core Registry, Feast Serving for serving online feature values, and the Feast Java Client for retrieving feature values.

  • Core

  • Serving

  • Java Client

Feast Spark SDK & Feast Job Service for launching ingestion jobs and for building training datasets with Spark

  • Spark SDK

  • Job Service

Helm Chart for deploying Feast on Kubernetes & Spark.

  • Helm Chart

Making a Pull Request

Incorporating upstream changes from master

Our preference is the use of git rebase instead of git merge : git pull -r

Signing commits

Commits have to be signed before they are allowed to be merged into the Feast codebase:

# Include -s flag to signoff
git commit -s -m "My first commit"

Good practices to keep in mind

  • Fill in the description based on the default template configured when you first open the PR

    • What this PR does/why we need it

    • Which issue(s) this PR fixes

    • Does this PR introduce a user-facing change

  • Include kind label when opening the PR

  • Add WIP: to PR name if more work needs to be done prior to review

  • Avoid force-pushing as it makes reviewing difficult

Managing CI-test failures

  • GitHub runner tests

    • Click checks tab to analyse failed tests

  • Prow tests

Feast Data Storage Format

Feast data storage contracts are documented in the following locations:

Feast Protobuf API

Feast Protobuf API defines the common API used by Feast's Components:

  • Feast Protobuf API specifications are written in proto3 in the Main Feast Repository.

  • Changes to the API should be proposed via a GitHub Issue for discussion first.

Generating Language Bindings

The language specific bindings have to be regenerated when changes are made to the Feast Protobuf API:



Regenerating Language Bindings


Run make compile-protos-python to generate bindings


Run make compile-protos-go to generate bindings


No action required: bindings are generated automatically during compilation.

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