This page applies to Feast 0.7. The content may be out of date for Feast 0.8+


Feast Components export metrics that can provide insight into Feast behavior:

See the Metrics Reference for documentation on metrics are exported by Feast.

Feast Job Controller currently does not export any metrics on its own. However its application.yml is used to configure metrics export for ingestion jobs.

Pushing Ingestion Metrics to StatsD

Feast Ingestion Job

Feast Ingestion Job can be configured to push Ingestion metrics to a StatsD instance. Metrics export to StatsD for Ingestion Job is configured in Job Controller's application.yml under

      # Enables Statd metrics export if true.
      enabled: true
      type: statsd
      # Host and port of the StatsD instance to export to.
      host: localhost
      port: 9125

If you need Ingestion Metrics in Prometheus or some other metrics backend, use a metrics forwarder to forward Ingestion Metrics from StatsD to the metrics backend of choice. (ie Use prometheus-statsd-exporter to forward metrics to Prometheus).

Exporting Feast Metrics to Prometheus

Feast Core and Serving

Feast Core and Serving exports metrics to a Prometheus instance via Prometheus scraping its /metrics endpoint. Metrics export to Prometheus for Core and Serving can be configured via their corresponding application.yml

  # Configures the port where metrics are exposed via /metrics for Prometheus to scrape.
  port: 8081

Direct Prometheus to scrape directly from Core and Serving's /metrics endpoint.

Further Reading

See the Metrics Reference for documentation on metrics are exported by Feast.

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