PostgreSQL (contrib)


The PostgreSQL online store provides support for materializing feature values into a PostgreSQL database for serving online features.

  • Only the latest feature values are persisted

  • sslmode, sslkey_path, sslcert_path, and sslrootcert_path are optional

Getting started

In order to use this online store, you'll need to run pip install 'feast[postgres]'. You can get started by then running feast init -t postgres.


project: my_feature_repo
registry: data/registry.db
provider: local
    type: postgres
    host: DB_HOST
    port: DB_PORT
    database: DB_NAME
    db_schema: DB_SCHEMA
    user: DB_USERNAME
    password: DB_PASSWORD
    sslmode: verify-ca
    sslkey_path: /path/to/client-key.pem
    sslcert_path: /path/to/client-cert.pem
    sslrootcert_path: /path/to/server-ca.pem

The full set of configuration options is available in PostgreSQLOnlineStoreConfig.

Functionality Matrix

The set of functionality supported by online stores is described in detail here. Below is a matrix indicating which functionality is supported by the Postgres online store.

To compare this set of functionality against other online stores, please see the full functionality matrix.

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