This page applies to Feast 0.7. The content may be out of date for Feast 0.8+

If at any point in time you cannot resolve a problem, please see the Community section for reaching out to the Feast community.

How can I verify that all services are operational?

Docker Compose

The containers should be in an up state:

docker ps

Google Kubernetes Engine

All services should either be in a RUNNING state or COMPLETEDstate:

kubectl get pods

How can I verify that I can connect to all services?

First locate the the host and port of the Feast Services.

Docker Compose (from inside the docker network)

You will probably need to connect using the hostnames of services and standard Feast ports:

export FEAST_CORE_URL=core:6565
export FEAST_ONLINE_SERVING_URL=online_serving:6566
export FEAST_HISTORICAL_SERVING_URL=historical_serving:6567
export FEAST_JOBCONTROLLER_URL=jobcontroller:6570

Docker Compose (from outside the docker network)

You will probably need to connect using localhost and standard ports:

export FEAST_CORE_URL=localhost:6565
export FEAST_ONLINE_SERVING_URL=localhost:6566
export FEAST_HISTORICAL_SERVING_URL=localhost:6567
export FEAST_JOBCONTROLLER_URL=localhost:6570

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

You will need to find the external IP of one of the nodes as well as the NodePorts. Please make sure that your firewall is open for these ports:

export FEAST_IP=$(kubectl describe nodes | grep ExternalIP | awk '{print $2}' | head -n 1)
export FEAST_CORE_URL=${FEAST_IP}:32090

netcat, telnet, or even curl can be used to test whether all services are available and ports are open, but grpc_cli is the most powerful. It can be installed from here.

Testing Connectivity From Feast Services:

Use grpc_cli to test connetivity by listing the gRPC methods exposed by Feast services:

grpc_cli ls ${FEAST_CORE_URL} feast.core.CoreService
grpc_cli ls ${FEAST_JOBCONTROLLER_URL} feast.core.JobControllerService
grpc_cli ls ${FEAST_HISTORICAL_SERVING_URL} feast.serving.ServingService
grpc_cli ls ${FEAST_ONLINE_SERVING_URL} feast.serving.ServingService

How can I print logs from the Feast Services?

Feast will typically have three services that you need to monitor if something goes wrong.

  • Feast Core

  • Feast Job Controller

  • Feast Serving (Online)

  • Feast Serving (Batch)

In order to print the logs from these services, please run the commands below.

Docker Compose

Use docker-compose logs to obtain Feast component logs:

 docker logs -f feast_core_1
 docker logs -f feast_jobcontroller_1
docker logs -f feast_historical_serving_1
docker logs -f feast_online_serving_1

Google Kubernetes Engine

Use kubectl logs to obtain Feast component logs:

kubectl logs $(kubectl get pods | grep feast-core | awk '{print $1}')
kubectl logs $(kubectl get pods | grep feast-jobcontroller | awk '{print $1}')
kubectl logs $(kubectl get pods | grep feast-serving-batch | awk '{print $1}')
kubectl logs $(kubectl get pods | grep feast-serving-online | awk '{print $1}')

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