Contribution process

Getting started

After familiarizing yourself with the documentation, the simplest way to get started is to:

  1. Join the #feast-development Slack channel, where contributors discuss ideas and PRs

  2. Join our Google Groups in order to get access to RFC folders + get invites to community calls. See community for more details.

  3. Setup your developer environment by following development guide.

  4. Either create a GitHub issue or make a draft PR (following development guide) to get the ball rolling!

Decision making process

See governance for more details here

We follow a process of lazy consensus. If you believe you know what the project needs then just start development. As long as there is no active opposition and the PR has been approved by maintainers or CODEOWNERS, contributions will be merged.

We use our #feast-development Slack channel, GitHub issues, and GitHub pull requests to communicate development ideas.

The general decision making workflow is as follows:

Note: There may not always a corresponding CODEOWNER for the affected code, in which case the responsibility falls on other maintainers or contributors with write access to review + merge the PR

Pull requests

Please submit a PR to the master branch of the Feast repository once you are ready to submit your contribution. Code submission to Feast (including submission from project maintainers) require review and approval from maintainers or code owners.

PRs that are submitted by the general public need to be identified as ok-to-test. Once enabled, Prow will run a range of tests to verify the submission, after which community members will help to review the pull request.

See also Making a pull request for other guidelines on making pull requests in Feast.


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