Contribution process

We use RFCs and GitHub issues to communicate development ideas. The simplest way to contribute to Feast is to leave comments in our RFCs in the Feast Google Drive or our GitHub issues. You will need to join our Google Group in order to get access.

We follow a process of lazy consensus. If you believe you know what the project needs then just start development. If you are unsure about which direction to take with development then please communicate your ideas through a GitHub issue or through our Slack Channel before starting development.

Please submit a PR to the master branch of the Feast repository once you are ready to submit your contribution. Code submission to Feast (including submission from project maintainers) require review and approval from maintainers or code owners.

PRs that are submitted by the general public need to be identified as ok-to-test. Once enabled, Prow will run a range of tests to verify the submission, after which community members will help to review the pull request.

See also Community for other ways to get involved with the community (e.g. joining community calls)

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