The Datastore online store provides support for materializing feature values into Cloud Datastore. The data model used to store feature values in Datastore is described in more detail here.

Getting started

In order to use this online store, you'll need to run pip install 'feast[gcp]'. You can then get started with the command feast init REPO_NAME -t gcp.


project: my_feature_repo
registry: data/registry.db
provider: gcp
  type: datastore
  project_id: my_gcp_project
  namespace: my_datastore_namespace

The full set of configuration options is available in DatastoreOnlineStoreConfig.

Functionality Matrix

The set of functionality supported by online stores is described in detail here. Below is a matrix indicating which functionality is supported by the Datastore online store.

To compare this set of functionality against other online stores, please see the full functionality matrix.

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