Offline Feature Server


The Offline feature server is an Apache Arrow Flight Server that uses the gRPC communication protocol to exchange data. This server wraps calls to existing offline store implementations and exposes interfaces as Arrow Flight endpoints.

How to configure the server


There is a CLI command that starts the Offline feature server: feast serve_offline. By default, remote offline server uses port 8815, the port can be overridden with a --port flag.

Deploying as a service on Kubernetes

The Offline feature server can be deployed using helm chart see this helm chart.

User need to set feast_mode=offline, when installing Offline feature server as shown in the helm command below:

helm install feast-offline-server feast-charts/feast-feature-server --set feast_mode=offline  --set feature_store_yaml_base64=$(base64 > feature_store.yaml)

Server Example

The complete example can be find under remote-offline-store-example

How to configure the client

Please see the detail how to configure offline store client

Functionality Matrix

The set of functionalities supported by remote offline stores is the same as those supported by offline stores with the SDK, which are described in detail here.

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