Speak to us: Have a question, feature request, idea, or just looking to speak to a real person? Set up a meeting with a Feast maintainer over here!

Links & Resources

    Slack: Feel free to ask questions or say hello!
    Mailing list: We have both a user and developer mailing list.
    Google Folder: This folder is used as a central repository for all Feast resources. For example:
      Design proposals in the form of Request for Comments (RFC).
      User surveys and meeting minutes.
      Slide decks of conferences our contributors have spoken at.
    Feast GitHub Repository: Find the complete Feast codebase on GitHub.
    Feast Linux Foundation Wiki: Our LFAI wiki page contains links to resources for contributors and maintainers.

How can I get help?

    Slack: Need to speak to a human? Come ask a question in our Slack channel (link above).
    GitHub Issues: Found a bug or need a feature? Create an issue on GitHub.
    StackOverflow: Need to ask a question on how to use Feast? We also monitor and respond to StackOverflow.

Community Calls

We have a user and contributor community call every two weeks (Asia & US friendly).
Please join the above Feast user groups in order to see calendar invites to the community calls

Frequency (alternating times every 2 weeks)

    Tuesday 18:00 pm to 18:30 pm (US, Asia)
    Tuesday 10:00 am to 10:30 am (US, Europe)
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