PostgreSQL (contrib)


The PostgreSQL offline store provides support for reading PostgreSQLSources.

  • Entity dataframes can be provided as a SQL query or can be provided as a Pandas dataframe. A Pandas dataframes will be uploaded to Postgres as a table in order to complete join operations.


The PostgreSQL offline store does not achieve full test coverage. Please do not assume complete stability.

Getting started

In order to use this offline store, you'll need to run pip install 'feast[postgres]'. You can get started by then running feast init -t postgres.


project: my_project
registry: data/registry.db
provider: local
  type: postgres
  host: DB_HOST
  port: DB_PORT
  database: DB_NAME
  db_schema: DB_SCHEMA
  password: DB_PASSWORD
  sslmode: verify-ca
  sslkey_path: /path/to/client-key.pem
  sslcert_path: /path/to/client-cert.pem
  sslrootcert_path: /path/to/server-ca.pem
    path: data/online_store.db

Note that sslmode, sslkey_path, sslcert_path, and sslrootcert_path are optional parameters. The full set of configuration options is available in PostgreSQLOfflineStoreConfig.

Functionality Matrix

The set of functionality supported by offline stores is described in detail here. Below is a matrix indicating which functionality is supported by the PostgreSQL offline store.

Below is a matrix indicating which functionality is supported by PostgreSQLRetrievalJob.

To compare this set of functionality against other offline stores, please see the full functionality matrix.

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