The list below contains the functionality that contributors are planning to develop for Feast
    Items below that are in development (or planned for development) will be indicated in parentheses.
    We welcome contribution to all items in the roadmap!
    Want to influence our roadmap and prioritization? Submit your feedback to this form.
    Want to speak to a Feast contributor? We are more than happy to jump on a call. Please schedule a time using Calendly.
    Data Sources
    Offline Stores
    Online Stores
    Feature Engineering
      On-demand Transformations (Alpha release. See RFC)
      Batch transformation (SQL)
      Streaming transformation\
      AWS Lambda (Alpha release. See RFC)
      Cloud Run
    Feature Serving
      Python Client
      REST Feature Server (Python) (Alpha release. See RFC)
      gRPC Feature Server (Java) (See #1497)
      Java Client
      Go Client
      Push API
      Delete API
      Feature Logging (for training)\
    Data Quality Management
      Data profiling and validation (Great Expectations) (Planned for Q4 2021)
      Metric production
      Training-serving skew detection
      Drift detection
    Feature Discovery and Governance
      Python SDK for browsing feature registry
      CLI for browsing feature registry
      Model-centric feature tracking (feature services)
      REST API for browsing feature registry
      Feast Web UI (Planned for Q4 2021)
      Feature versioning
      Amundsen integration
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